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Monday, May 25, 2020

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RIverNotes: Mom & Pop on the Mississippi

Posted to MarineNews Notes (by on July 3, 2010

The Captain ordered groceries for the boat this morning and at about 1700 hours an aluminum skiff from S&S Boat Store out of Burlington Iowa, tied up alongside the Theresa Wood and delivered food.

S&S Boat Store is one of the Captain's favorite boat store. He said once there was a deckhand that flew into Burlington to catch the boat, but he got there five hours before the boat did.The deckhand was just starting out and had a wife at home. Tom and Becky from the boat store took him in and fed him a meal before the boat arrived.

"They probably don't remember," said Captain Rusty Joyner, "but I'll never forget it."

The pilot, Tim Richards, has a favorite boat store too, the River View Boat Store out of Bellview, Iowa, owned by a man named Jeremy. Richards said one time he got off the boat there, but the company he worked for didn't have a contract with a taxi service to get him to the airport. So Jeremy called up his dad, who drove Richards to the airport.