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Monday, November 18, 2019

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12700 Towne Park Way, Suite 319
Louisville, KY 40243
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President & CEO
Inland Rivers HR
01/01/0001 – Present


The Hiring Process

The Dos & Don’ts of Applications

Posted to The Hiring Process (by Thomas Montgomery) on February 26, 2018

By Vicki Morgan and Thomas MontgomeryApplications are often the first impression most applicants have about your company. A well-constructed and comprehensive application not only provides you with the needed information to determine if the applicant is qualified…

Establishing Hiring Criteria

Posted to The Hiring Process (by Thomas Montgomery) on November 15, 2017

By Vicki MorganOne of the first things a company must do when it makes a new position is to establish hiring criteria. But before you can establish who you’re going to consider for hire, you should understand the tasks associated with the job.

The Experience of Hiring

Posted to The Hiring Process (by Thomas Montgomery) on September 7, 2017

One of the things companies struggle with in hiring is deciding to hire experienced versus inexperienced people. It’s a legitimate concern, particularly if experience is important in a job. For example, if you need a doctor to operate on you…

Sourcing Candidates: Quality from the Start

Posted to The Hiring Process (by Thomas Montgomery) on July 21, 2017

By Vicki Morgan and Thomas MontgomeryWhat do you do? Crew Dispatch is screaming they can’t crew their boats because HR won’t hire any people. Operations Managers and Port Captains complain that the people you hire don’t know anything, so why can’t HR hire more experienced people?