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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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January 5, 2018

French SMART PORT in Med Soon

Photo: Port of Marseille-Fos

Photo: Port of Marseille-Fos

 The members of the SMART PORT steering committee adopted a first series of projects designed to take advantage of the digital transition with a view to affirming and consolidating the importance of the Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis as a seaport.

The steering committee also supported the creation of a program focusing on research and innovation: the Brain Port Community. This partnership will be based on a multi-party agreement between Aix-Marseille Université, the Port of Marseille Fos, the CCIMP, Métropole Aix-Marseille, and the PACA region.
The first projects selected by the French Smartport in Med are in the areas of logistics, energy, user information, digital technology, the environment and safety; they include:
Channel 5, a digital service aimed at road hauliers to facilitate access to the port terminals, led by MGI with the support of CEA Tech and the involvement of terminal operators, road hauliers and the Marseille Fos Port Authority
Electrical supply for berthed ships, combining the initiatives of the Marseille Fos Port Authority and ship owners to develop a new energy mix
Prototype electric pilot boat led by the Syndicat des Pilotes de Port de Marseille-Fos and technical partners
Port Smart Grid on the western and eastern harbours (the Marseille Fos Port Authority, Euroméditerranée, Engie, GRT Gaz, RTE, etc.)
Mobile Pax to develop services and facilitate passenger information (CCIMP, the Marseille Fos Port Authority, Club de la Croisière, ship owners, Provence Tourisme, Ville de Marseille, Métropole, CD13, etc.)
Environmental performance index to create an exchange platform and drive actions in this area (with Air PACA, the Marseille Fos Port Authority, A Lab in the Air)
Port cyber security to develop solutions to protect the systems critical to port activities (Naval Group, the Marseille Fos Port Authority, Ports de Toulon, Pôle Mer Méditerranée, etc.)
The aim of the Brain Port Community project is to create a partnership between the academic community, the port community, local authorities, and private sponsors in order to develop innovation targeted research programs and prepare for tomorrow’s jobs.
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