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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

September 21, 2021

Q88 Launches Q88PRO Data Platform

© Carabay / Adobe Stock

© Carabay / Adobe Stock

Maritime software company Q88 on Tuesday announced the launch of Q88PRO, a platform designed to provide shipowners a faster, simpler and more complete view of their fleet and the global tanker supply.

The Q88PRO solution provides a view of the marketplace from a single, central access point. With Q88PRO, users can upload and access fleet data and positions and easily compare to the competitive environment. The system integrates data sources, like global fixtures, and has insightful statistics to help improve decision making. Moreover, it uses advanced analytics to track supply trends over time by analyzing data based on geographic criteria combined with vessel-specific data to deliver relevant, timely market insights.

“From the beginning, our focus was to create tools to make commercially operating vessels more efficient and profitable. I am very excited about this announcement as it continues that call to action that we are so focused on here at Q88,” said Q88 founder and CEO, Fritz Heidenreich.

According to Q88, shipowners can capitalize on the open position predictive modeling, last cargo’s view, TCE calculator and more, to anticipate conditions and better plan voyages. At the same time, updated AIS positions from multiple providers help keep track of fleet and competitive positions in the market with advanced search criteria. Q88’s Advanced API allows integration with existing software that results in seamless collaboration with co-workers regardless of location.

“Q88PRO is another step forward in our journey to create tools that help turn data into meaningful information,” said Don Black, Q88 chief commercial officer. “Shipowners and commercial operators have stated their interest in obtaining timely information that will make them more competitive and we are confident that Q88PRO achieves this.”