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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

May 26, 2021

Signal Maritime Launches MR Tanker Pool

© Lammert Melk / MarineTraffic.com

© Lammert Melk / MarineTraffic.com

Commercial ship manager Signal Maritime announced it is launching a new pool for MR product tankers building upon the success of its Aframax pool launched in 2018. 

“The clean tanker market has always been a highly competitive environment with the presence of many experienced owners and pools. We believe that our new MR pool is good for a market that may see more players combining efforts to achieve benefits of scale, optimize their commercial management and address the demanding environmental requirements ahead," said Signal Maritime CEO Panos Dimitracopoulos.

The company, which has offices in London and Athens, said it will work toward building a critical mass of vessels while staying focused on outperforming the market and maintaining the highest level of quality service for pool partners for the next two years.